Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Back in December I got an inkling to listen to the Jack & White album, Lost. The group consists of Brooke White (from American Idol) and her co write Jack Matranga. I follow Brooke on instagram and last year she was promoting the album with audio clips in her feed, which is what drew me to listen. I listened to it on repeat when it first came out. So, I decided I needed a little break from Christmas music and pulled it up on Google play. As I was getting ready one morning the words to the song Surrender were so clear to me. All of the sudden I was tuned right in and immediately I knew that this song was exactly what I wanted for 2017.  

I wanted to highlight my favorite parts of the song, but it’s all so great that I decided to share the whole thing with the audio. I couldn’t find the lyrics online so I had to write it as I heard it. The last line, is likely not right, but I got the important stuff.

by Jack & White

1st verse
Another season
Another reason to try
To start all over
Weight off my shoulders

The leaves are changing
Cause rearranging the sky
Can’t help but wonder
What’s waiting on the other side

Leaves are black and white this life
But it’s alright with me
I like the colors in between

Nothing stays the same
we changin’ everyday
wouldn’t have it any other way
So I’ll just surrender

2nd verse
Pass in the rearview
Turn my head and wave goodbye
A canvas brand new
A brush to paint a blue sky

I can’t wait
to see the sun or horizon one more day
Looking for progress
No other flawless and it's ok


I love how the lyrics express such peace with where life is and has been and a sense of wonder looking to the future. Contentment with the changes that will always come with the seasons of life. And the word surrender itself is so liberating. It's a word that can be taken in many different ways, but I see it in life as letting go of your pride. That need to be right. Releasing the grasp you have on any baggage that might be keeping you from moving forward.

The word surrender gives me a balance of peace and power, which is kind of perfect because power was my word last year. It gives permission not to dwell on the frustrations that come in life which can often eat you up inside. I’d really like to remember to surrender those things this year. I really do believe that we each have the power to bring peace into our own lives. Nobody else can do it for us. They can help, but ultimately it is up to us surrender.

Here is my hope for 2017. I’m looking forward to what God has waiting for me. I hope to handle those experiences with grace and seek his guidance through all of it. I want to look back at 2016 with wise eyes, taking what helped me grow and saying goodbye to the experiences that hurt my heart. I hope to embrace change, but I also want to do the same when it's not quite time for those changes I want in my life. Look for the colors in between the chaos that is life.

With a wave and a kiss, I say goodbye to 2016 and hello to the brand new canvas of 2017.

Do you give yourself words or mantras each year? If so, please share below or over on Instagram!

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